DOUGS TABLECLOTH ( math session)


we predicted that it was about measurement and the tablecloth being a grid.


read that this was about measurement.


( nothing to clarify)

Big question

what would the depth and width be if we used mm instead of cm?


we used test all possibilities from the mathematician’s tool box


on the piece of information it said we had to fold it up so that the depth of the tablecloth was 9 cm and the width was 16 cm, we achieved this by using our strategy.


we all learnt about measurement ( cm, width and depth)


Aaaah! i dont know why i went on the HULK-BUSTER ride it is so scary, and buy the way im at universal,wow that was

scary, hay look theres the doom drop. aaah! omg this is like the tower of teror! i nerly vomited on that ride. I went on

the new ride: dispicabal me. it was awesome and it was one of the best places in the holl trip. ill tell you more about my trip in about 5 days


Hello my name is oscar.                       Personalaity: I like soccer,skylanders,moves and computer games and of couse school.            Music i like: starships,gone.

Games i like: minecraft,crash the castle,dummy never fails and tigy.    

moves i like: screm etc.


On the holidays it starded with a normal day UNTIL! my mum asked me if i wanted to go to my cousins house wich ones johnethen and antherny of couse. We jummped in the car and took off.It took about 45m we knocked on the door we were surprised my cousin broke his leg so we looked after him.THE END!

Hello world!

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